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MicroBT Whatsminer D1 Whatsminer DCR 44Th/s, D10V1 ( PSU INCLUDED )
Introducing the New Whatsminer D1V1- 44TH/s Decred Miner.
The Brand new MicroBT WhatsMiner D1 DCR ASIC Miner produces ~44 th/s BLAKE-(14r) hashing power and consumes ~2200W.
  • Power Supply Unit: MicroBT Power P5, 2500w, 93% efficiency 240V 220V 120V (included)[Image: D1.png]
When it’s time to clean grease and grime from restaurant equipment, vehicles, or driveways and sidewalks, you need a commercial pressure washer. But what qualifies a pressure washer to be commercial-grade?

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